DNA tests

We offer a wide range of genetic tests for animals, plants and microorganisms. Various technologies enable us to perform more than 350 routine tests.

VHLGenetics performs more than 300 kinds of DNA tests on animals. Within each species, we categorise our tests as follows:
Kinship, parentage and identity
Genetic diseases
Other genetic characteristics
Combination packages

VHLGenetics also performs DNA tests on plants. The development of these tests is in full swing. We can offer you services that include the intake of parental lines, seed lot variety and seed lot purity control of plants.
Our clients may also store samples in our biobank so that the samples are always available for whatever genetic tests our clients wish to have performed, perhaps in the context of the future development of a DNA test and for Tracking & Tracing.

If you have questions or would like to order a project, please contact us using the contact form or by e-mail.