Customized Genotyping

We can type any marker panel for plants or animals you need. The marker panel can comprise either SNP markers or STR markers, and we can also type panels containing both marker types.
Modern Kbioscience Kaspar technology and our years of experience with STR markers enable us to create dozens of solutions for flexible genotyping projects. In addition to standard marker panels, we can also compose virtually every personal marker panel.

As an externally accredited laboratory, we can also support you during seasonal peaks with services such as the following:
• Genotyping high sample volumes;
• Genotyping samples in a very short turn around time;
DNA extraction.

Seasonal peaks can result in high volumes of samples and/or tests. With high volumes of small marker sets, for example, we offer you the opportunity to outsource this work to a qualitatively proven laboratory. The extensive automation of our systems means that we can offer you surprisingly competitive rates.

Please refer to our website for more specific information about our plant projects.

If you have questions or would like to order a project, please contact us using the contact form or by e-mail