Profile of the VHLGenetics

VHLGenetics, a subsidiary of Dr. van Haeringen Global bv, comprises three certified and independent laboratories:
Dr. van Haeringen Laboratorium B.V. (VHL) in Wageningen, the Netherlands,
Dr. van Haeringen Polygen bvba (VHP) in Malle, Belgium,
• Certagen GmbH in Rheinbach, Germany.

Utilising the latest DNA technologies has enabled VHLGenetics to grow exponentially since 1993.
Our experienced laboratories offer more than 1,000 routine DNA tests for animalsplants and microorganisms. The three locations offer the same DNA services, and the number of DNA tests available is routinely increased by the newest developments in the field.
We offer optimal service by continually investing in R&D, quality control (ISO 17025 accreditation and ISO 9001 certification), automation and the most advanced technologies.
Our clients are located all over the world, particularly in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia. They range from private individuals to large organisations. We are also often asked to perform forensic DNA-testing.