Results Combination Packages


Our combination packages are the most ordered products through our webshop. Being able to order all breed-specific markers for an attractive price is very well appreciated by our clients.

The low price of a combination packages, compared to ordering a single mutation test, is possible because we using cutting-edge technology when designing the genetic markers. However, sometimes a marker fails to yield a result within our quality criteria whilst all other markers in the same combination package did yield a good result. To circumvent a delaying cycle of retests we will no longer report single marker(s) that failed to yield a good result. We will only do so if proven that a sample is of good quality, based on successfully amplified markers. In practice this will mean that it might happen that not all markers of a combination package are reported. Working in such way will greatly improve our turnaround time.

If an imperatively needed marker failed, a new test for this marker can be ordered through our webshop at the given list price. When a test is ordered separately, retests will always be performed if necessary and are included free of charge.