Closure partner lab this holiday season


Due to the upcoming holiday season, our partner lab is closed for three weeks. Unfortunately the turnaround time of tests which are performed by our partnerlab, is temporarily extended by 15 working days.

It concerns the following tests:

• H673 Degenerative Myelopatie, DM (partner lab)
• H672 Exercise Induced Collapse, EIC (partner lab)
• H676 FN, Familial Nephropathy (partner lab)
• H491 Haemophilia A (Factor VIII) (partner lab)
• H675 HNPK (partner lab)
• H674 Episodic Falling Disease (partner lab)
• H677-Von Willebrands Disease Type 1 (partner lab)
• P678 Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (partner lab)

If any inconvenience may arise due to the closure, please contact us through our contact form.