Entries for February 2016

Anniversary offer: 10 Years of Certagen = 10% rebate

At the 1st of April 2006, the operations in routine diagnostics have been transferred from Biopsytec Analytik und Logistik GmbH to Certagen GmbH. Rea...

Two DNA tests removed from our product range

As of February 1st 2016 the following DNA tests have been removed from our product range: • S906 Booroola gene • B302 Sex determination

DNA testing CombiBreed Dog adjusted

The composition of our DNA tests for CombiBreed Dog has been adjusted. Various tests have been added to the combination packages. A small number of th...

H924 Combi Breed Golden Retriever no longer available

The combination package H924 CombiBreed Golden Retriever has been removed from our product range. All tests in this package are available through H481...