DNA tests

Molecular genetic tests have become an important tool in modern systematic animal breeding. Two different fields may be roughly differentiated, traditionally: On one hand identity- and parentage verification, on the other hand testing for discrete inherited traits. Just recently, genotyping of large SNP-panels for estimating the association to special phenotypes have emerged in some species. Certagen is active in all of these fields: we offer a multitude of tests for several species, including horses, cattle, pigs, dogs and alpacas. Our procedures in parentage- and identity verification are performed according to internationally approved standards, for instance the use of marker panels, recommended by the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG). Furthermore, we test for a large number of genetic variants, responsible for desired or unwanted traits in animal breeding.
It is our mission, to assist you in solving your problems in animal husbandry at an inexpensive rate. In case that we are unable to provide a special test, we cooperate with reliable partner-laboratories, reducing your effort in placing orders and sending sample material to different addresses, giving you access to the needed tests. In case that some test is not available at all, we are always poised to develop a test procedure in some cooperation-project which may solve your problem. For this purpose, we established our Research and Development department in 2010.

Our service-offer encloses: