Combination Packages

For several species and applications, Dr. van Haeringen Laboratorium (VHL) have developed Combination Packages. VHL continues the policy to combine multiple DNA tests into single packages. This enables and increases the possibilities to generate information about genetic parameters in a cost effective way. In 2013new sets of application-specific Combination Packages have been designed.

All genetic diseases and characteristics are stored in the DNA. VHL applies advanced DNA technology, thus enabling Combination Packages of DNA tests at a very attractive price. When performing two or more tests on the same sample, a Combination Package may be less expensive than the combined price of individual tests.

In the beginning of 2013, VHL and Holbigenetics NV have initiated a collaboration regarding the Combination Packages. Together with Dr. Frank Coopman (specialist veterinary genetics) two dedicated types of Combination Packages have been developed: CombiGen® and CombiBreed®. At the start, CombiGen® and CombiBreed® packages have been developed for dogs and cats. CombiGen® packages are dedicated for veterinarian use, whereas CombiBreed® tests aim to offer a cost effective breed-specific set of markers. Both Combination Packages aim to improve the sustainable breeding and general health of animals. The majority of tests included are based on non-patented markers, because patented DNA markers are usually much more expensive to order.

The following CombiBreed® Combination packages are available to order. These tests are aimed at combination of breed specific combinations.
CombiBreed FCI Group 01 (test code H474)
CombiBreed FCI Group 02 (test code H475)
CombiBreed FCI Group 03 (test code H476)
CombiBreed FCI Group 04 (test code H477)
CombiBreed FCI Group 05 (test code H478)
CombiBreed FCI Group 06 (test code H479)
CombiBreed FCI Group 07 (test code H480)
CombiBreed FCI Group 08 (test code H481)
CombiBreed FCI Group 09 (test code H482)
CombiBreed FCI Group 10 (test code H483)
CombiBreed Golden Retriever (test code H924)
Combination Pack Coat Variation (test code H469)

In addition to CombiBreed® packages, we also arrange the CombiGen® Combination packages Mobility, Puppy and Surgery.

Below is an overview provided of the other Combination Packages:
Regarding cats:
Combination Pack Coat Colour (test code K866)
Combination Pack Genetic Diseases (test code K865)
Regarding horse:
Combination Pack HERDA, GBED, HYPP, OLWS (test code P933)
Coat Colour QPack (All tests) (test code P404)
Combination SCID, CA, LFS and DNA profile (test code P858)
Regarding pigs:
Combination Pack Quality (test code V844)
Combination Pack All Markers (test code V402)
Combination Pack Value (test code V845)
Combination Pack Health (test code V843)